Portrait of the Artist as a Zombie

All puffy and swollen and bloody and broken.

For my I.D. on DeviantArt. Had fun drawing it.

Huntress Girl

More from MJRanum's stock photos on DeviantArt.

I'm quite pleased with this one, though I think the source photo helped a lot. It was nice to have an uncluttered and well lit source.

Her boobage is a little wonky, but lovely nevertheless.


Sketchies 01

Drawing some stuff from pictures on the internet.
Just trying to loosen up, get my lines right the first time, and quickly. Lots I could have done differently (aka correctly) but I'm pretty happy with the general feel of a few of them.
Prismacolour Marker, Graphite, Sketchbook



From reference pictures. Cowgirl is from mjranum's stock. He's got some great stuff there.
Graphite pencil, Sketchbook.
Keeping well on my drawing every day.


Smug - Nearly

Actually completed on Thursday, but I wans't able to get to a scanner before midnight.
I actually took my time today. Didn't dawdle, but didn't rush it. I'm really pleased with the way this came out. I enjoyed the hair, as I have never really done African-type hair. It was very satisfying, and I think I captured the light pretty well on it. I haven't finished her blouse yet, but I intend to.
Graphite, Sketchbook


Army Undressed

A scruffy little doodle.

I've been rushing the finished product too much lately. I need to slow it down.

I also thought it quite pathertic that I don't try this style more often, considering I'm such a huge Mucha/Nouveau fan.
Though it is sloppy, I am encouraged to try more. The hair was super fun.

Girls 01

From Stock on Deviant Art




Think I might do more with the one on the right. I likes it. . .


mobiusant - coloured

I want to re-do this one. I was really pleased with the subject, but not so much with my execution. Didn't feel like doing hands or feet because I'm lazy like that. Hopefully my study on hands over the weekend will encourage me to attempt it again but proper.
My drafting table is not set up yet, so I got to lay a watercolour base while trying to fight away a kitten and two children, precariously balancing my brushes atop the kitchen table. It wasn't a really great environment to attempt wet-washes. It fell short.
The shadowy grey bits are where the paper buckled due to yet another indifference. I promise I'll try harder next time. . . ?


mobiusant - sketch

I really liked the look of this girl, thought she would translate well to extremes in colour. Anyways, happier with my original blue than the inked version, I think this deserves to be revisited. Intend to either colour-ink her or watercolour.


Hands Practice

If there's anything that can make me fall to my knees and cry like a baby it's trying to draw hands.

So I thought I would practice.

Then I got dissapointed.

But now I'm on a mission to figure them out.

My scanner cut off parts of the

page, but belive me, you ain't missing a whole lot.

Eyes Practice

A practice page, though nothing was done from a reference (breakroom at work) so I'm pretty unhappy with them.



Prismacolor Marker, Pilot Pen, Sketchbook

Concept art rough 001

Brush and Ink, Sketchbook