A Buddy of Mine...

...from highschool - I've been talking to him a fair bit lately. Quickie sketch from a photo - scanned crooked. It's not great but it's something. . .
graphite, sketchbook


So I drew Something. . .


A five minute sketch from a photograph - There's lots wrong, I know. It felt good to get the hand moving again though. I should try this "drawing" thing more often?
Graphite, Sketchbook


Yarr. . . .
I ain't been practica-in'
I've been accepted to school for the fall - I'll be attending for Art and Desing Fundamentals. Seeing as how I'll be super busy with work and school, I have decided to commit to my knitting for the summer and try and finish all that I can. I'm itching to draw again, but alas, everything I churn out is garbage.
Oh. . .the shame. . . *winks*