Was watching the muppet show while inebriated - drew these! My personal favourites ae the smoking Kermit and the happy angular Kermit. No, the one at the top. Yes. That's the one. . .
Graphite, Sketchbook.


John w Hard Candy in Garden

A colour sketch of John. Drawn this afternoon in the garden with coloured pencils. He was sucking on a black currant candy and concentrating on programming hoobajubes. Hence the wierd expression.


They call him, "Jim"

Doodling and decided to do a couple of expressions for this guy - I named him Jim.

I think he looks kinda like a Jim. . .don't you?


Man of the Year

Woke last night with a burning desire to do an illustration for Man of the Year (kickass Brazillian film - go see it if you like City of Gods). Maiquel, the bottle-blonde in the centre. He's the main character. Cute, huh?

I think I got his likeness down pretty well

Graphite, Sketchbook


Bears 01

Ran out of time this morning to finish the faces, but wanted to capture the angles of them. Polar bears are not my favourite, turns out. They are too. . . .round.
Graphite, Sketchbook