So I started up a Webcomic. ..

I guess that counts for drawing every day, eh?
It's just a scribbly little thing for me to work on. I've just been drawing them up at night, so they barely count for they day I'm posting them. . .*shrugs* Whatever.
Here it is!
It's called Rapid Fire, more on account of it being friggin' hard to pop on out every day on my schedual. A nice little challenge though - and so far I'm enjoying it.


Nekkid Lady

From this month's Draw Jam on DrawingBoard. Wasn't too keen on the look of the model, but thought I would give it a shot. The hair in the face was a bit of a pain in the ass - kind of wish I hadn't been so literal with it.
I am pretty happy with her hands - what I drew anyways. Slowly but surely I'll get this!
Inkjet paper, graphite