Creepy Painting of John on Sofa - Unfinished

Very Spooky painting of the boy - Taken from a photo I took of him being silly on the sofa. Not yet finished, started last night. I'll post the finished result when it's all wrapped up. This is my first "proper" painting in probably about a year? Yeah, about a year plus.
I still need to work on his hair (not so much forehead) keep going with the hand and bump up the shading on his face. The outline of his face needs trimming on the left hand side, left a little extra to work the background on. Speaking of which, haven't totally decided on the background yet. It's couch, but I don't know to what level yet.
Lots of general tweaking to be done.
P.S. Thundercats makes awesome background noise for portrait painting. Make note.
Acrylic on cotton canvas